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a PC health check

My aim  is to help you keep your computer working


How Can I Help You?

Private & Group Lessons

Small Business & Home Support

PC & Laptop Repair

Hi, I'm Steve Fowler, I've been helping people & small companies for over 15 years with their computer problems. Hopefully helping them to learn how to avoid any further difficulties.


Most people ask me to call to their home & help them, this may be to setup the internet, speed up their laptop or ask me to show them how to work their devices.

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Networking & Internet installation

Website Setup & Updates

Windows Clean Up & Virus Removal

Is your Technology & online accounts safe from hackers?

One of the biggest problems with today's technology is security.  Protect your technology & online accounts with this step by step guide.

Proyect All Your Technology in your home against viruses & malicious websites

Many internet service providers can automatically block viruses and and malicious websites using parental control & viruses filtering settings. To turn these on you will need your logon details for your service provider

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